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Hello Massimo,

Sorry for the awful late reply. I was too busy to follow this list and
just saw your message below.

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 11:09:55AM +0200, Massimo Barbieri wrote:
> The Italian Ministry of Education University and Research (MIUR) offers
> every year a series of obligatory written tests in order to evaluate the
> levels of student learning. Those tests are carried out by the National

Is this mandatory nation-wide? Is there maybe a law or regulation that
conflicts with this practice? We are having a similar case in the

> The INVALSI provides schools with an XLS file which contains macros to
> record the evaluation of the students. Of course this file doesn't work
> with Free Software and doing so the INVALSI force schools to use
> proprietary software.

Since when are they doing this? Has anybody complained before?
> I would like that the FSFE get active with the MIUR and the INVALSI to
> ask them to solve this problem of freedom. Of course I will be glad to

I will do what I can, but the main work will have to be done by people
who speak Italian.

> get myself active to this campaign and I can ask for the cooperation of
> the LUG Scandiano, to which I belong, which in the past has been very
> active on the PDFreaders campaign. Maybe we could even ask for a support
> of the Italian Community of LibreOffice and perhaps also of The Document
> Foundation to give more weight to our eventual action.

Great. The more allies we can get, the better. Have you done anything in
this regard?

> Next weekend I will meet Italo Vignoli, from The Document Foundation, in
> an event dedicated to Libre Office organized by LUG Scandiano. If you
> think it might be useful I could talk to him about this idea.

How did it go? Did you mention it during the meeting?

Sorry again for the late reply. 



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