Your input needed: Questions for panel w/ Eben Moglen, RMS, 4 MEPs

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> On 28/06/13 21:39, Karsten Gerloff wrote:
> > I'd like your input: What should we ask these people? What are
> > your most urgent questions on technology and politics?
> How do we overcome the dodgy politicians and corporations who are
> pushing opt-out filtering for all internet connections with the
> misleading "we must stop children accessing porn" arguments?

You say: if that's the worst you have to worry about, doing parenting for
the parents, I think I will vote for a more serious minded politician who
will attend to things that can only be addressed that the national/regional

Any further excuses are answered with: If you need to sell yourself to me,
you don't understand how representative democracy is supposed to work.


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