Jonathan Corbet's predictions on UEFI

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Wed Jan 30 10:56:54 UTC 2013

I fully agree with Jonathan on this

  In 2012, the shape of a solution for the UEFI secure boot problem came
  into view. In 2013, the full messiness of the secure boot situation
  will come to the fore. There are already reports of some
  secure-boot-enabled systems refusing to work right with the Linux
  "shim" solution; others will certainly come out. We are, after all, at
  the mercy of BIOS developers who only really care that Windows boots
  properly. We are also at the mercy of Microsoft, which could decide to
  take a more hostile stance at anytime; there have already been snags
  in getting the Linux Foundation's bootloader signed.

  UEFI secure boot bears watching, and we owe thanks to the developers
  who have been laboring to make Linux work in that environment. But the
  problem of locked-down systems is much larger — and much older — than
  UEFI secure boot, and many of the systems in question already run
  Linux. Maintaining access to "our" hardware will continue to be a
  problem this year, just like it has been in the past. "Runs Linux"
  will continue to mean something different than "the owner can run
  their own software on it," and UEFI secure boot does not really change
  the situation all that much, especially for non-x86 systems. 

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