Firefox Mobile + Geeksphone = Awesome

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Wed Jan 23 12:22:40 UTC 2013

Sam Tuke <samtuke at> wrote:

> "This week we are announcing our new Firefox OS developer preview
> phones because we believe that developers will help bring the power of
> the web to mobile. These developer phones are being developed by
> Geeksphone in partnership with Telefonica and Geeksphone."
> This is a very interesting development for Free Software!

I agree that it's a somewhat interesting development, but I'm not
so sure about the "awesome" part.

> Details:

There don't seem to be any details about which parts of
the system are actually free software.

Commenter "Pravin" asks:
"I dont understand the details about what is open source and what is not."

To which "Robert Nyman" who seems to be some kind of authority "answers":
"Basically everything on the phone – UI, apps etc – are based on open
standard technologies, HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. This is different from
the other major smart phones out there."

Even Internet Explorer is "based on open standard technologies,
HTML5, CSS & JavaScript". It's still a proprietary product
so the answer doesn't seem particular helpful to me and I
doubt that this is an accident.

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