A lightweight laptop with SSD and good GNU/linx support?

Robert Kehl rk23 at fsfe.org
Fri Jan 18 08:16:15 UTC 2013

Am 18.01.2013 00:27, schrieb Hugo Roy:
> Le jeudi 17 janvier 2013 à 23:06 +0100, Robert Kehl a écrit :
>> Thanks for staying up so late, ;-)
> I'm not sure you understand that I will install debian on this...

For sure I did.

> That is the sad state of getting free software on hardware. I'm not
> happy about this, but please keep your improper sarcasm for yourself,
> you're more making a fool of yourself than anything else.

You did see the smileys? Calm down, Hugo, no need to get angry. 
Supporting Google is nothing we should do, and numbers count, even if 
you do not use Googles software. So, one should not buy Googles products 
if possible.

That's just my 0.02, no sarcasm implied :-) <---

With kind regards,

Robert Kehl

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