A lightweight laptop with SSD and good GNU/linx support?

Robert Kehl rk23 at fsfe.org
Thu Jan 17 22:06:52 UTC 2013

Am 17.01.2013 22:04, schrieb Hugo Roy:
> Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'll have a look. Meanwhile, I just
> noticed there's a new Chromebook
> Apart from the weight, it is perfect. I hope they will sell them in
> Europe...

Yea, you're right, absolutely. It's awesome! Need it. Want it. OMG! 

Supporting Google is what free software is all about - just think of 
Google search - it is free! Google News - free! Google Docs - no need 
for Microsoft anymore! Google is freedom. I am so happy.

But, wait - what if Coca-Cola, Nestlé or UniLever put out a similar 
laptop? Or the new Facebook laptop comes out two weeks after you buy? 
Isn't that worth waiting a little bit? Just think of the incredible 
McDonalds laptop - it even will bear Ketchup on the keyboard, which in 
turn you would not need because it will have a multitouchpadscreen being 
as good as never before. Ever. Well, it can be topped by the MonSanto 
Tablet, which will definitely be worth to look upon.

For sure you will not be supporting the companies - no, numbers do not 
count, even if it were sales counts. Stay safe.

Sigh... I'm exhausted - guess I need some googling to power up my 
batteries. :-)

Thanks for staying up so late, ;-)


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