A lightweight laptop with SSD and good GNU/linx support?

Tanguy Ortolo tanguy+fsfe at ortolo.eu
Wed Jan 16 10:30:36 UTC 2013

Salut Hugo.

Although it does not really match your specifications, you may be
interested by my last laptop purchase experience. I was looking for a
lightweight laptop, 10 inches, without paying for a Windows license I
would not use, and with good Debian testing support too.

There was not much choice here: the only netbook manufacturer to offer a
rather easy Windows tax refund is Asus. The graphic chipset embedded in
the current Intel Atom processors require a lame proprietary driver and
suck with free drivers. Asus and Acer, the last netbook manufacturers,
are going to eventually abandon that market.

With all that context, there was almost only one model left: Asus Eee PC
1015BX. Cheap, using perfectly supported AMD graphic chipset and
wifi card, without requiring any proprietary firmware. Asus has agreed
to refund me the Windows tax, I am now waiting for their transfer.

That laptop is not perfect though, and I have discovered three
significant problems with it:
* it has an EFI firmware, which is fine for configuring the motherboard,
  but almost unusable to boot because it implements an old version of
  the UEFI specification (so I am booting that laptop in BIOS mode,
  which works fine);
* they only put a single loudspeaker, the right one I think, so the left
  channel produces no sound;
* they only put a single hybrid microphone/headset jack, which may or
  may not work with telephone-type four-rings jacks for mic/headset
  combos, but I have not tested that yet.

Hope it helps. If you decide to buy a netbook, hurry up, because the
last ones are currently being sold in discount, and there will probably
be not new ones after that.



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