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2012/12/11 Thomas Jensch <jensch at fsfeurope.org>:
> * Federico Bruni <bruni at fsfe.org> [051212-0111am]:

>> companies in this project?  Is there any European directive which
>> recommends the use of Free Software in such situations?
> I have to check that, but as far as I recall there is no real
> recommendation.

I had a quick look and also couldn't find anything. There was the news
in December that the
EC postponed its guideline on ICT standardisation and procurement:

But even if this guidline was in place, it only suggests that "open
source may be considered" as far as I coud see by skimming through it.

Speaking of procurement, there is also the "Guideline on public
procurement of Open
Source Software":

Hope this helps.



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