Software Freedom Day: Hunt for Skype alternatives

Robert Kehl rk23 at
Wed Oct 17 22:26:04 UTC 2012

Am 19.09.2012 14:57, schrieb Andreas K. Foerster:
> I wonder, why nobody here mentioned WebRTC.
> As far as I know it is planned to implement something like Skype directly
> in the webbrowser. Won't that solve the problem?

Which problem? The summup is 25 entries - so, to me it seems noone is 
really interested in Skype, nor in a replacement of it.

I tried out Skype once and ended up with a friend of mine saying: "Hey, 
that chat window is more beautiful than the Google one, isnt it?"

Maybe I'm not a friend of phone calls, but, anyway: Who cares about Skype?

With kind regards,

Robert Kehl

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