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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu May 24 16:45:38 UTC 2012

Hannes Hauswedell <h2 at fsfe.org>
> On 23.05.2012 01:20, MJ Ray wrote:
> > OK, right, so as we can't actually join the discussion on the closed
> > pdfreaders list and the blog evilly locks out visually-impaired users,
> > can we just continue discussion on discussion@ please?
> No. This leads to many duplicate discussions, resulting in a lot of
> frustration and wasted time on all sides[1] -- as this situation already
> shows.

I had frustration and wasted time and had to double-post already,
before there was any discussion.  As it looks like one of us will
have frustration and wasted time anyway, we might as well have it
with discussion rather than without! ;-)

> If you do not want to do this, you can still write suggestions to
> feedback at pdfreaders or edit the wiki directly, (e.g. adding Vindaloo to
> GNU/Linux section).

It looks like I would have to pay to edit the wiki, so please take
the suggestions previously written.

> I will look into the blog's captcha, although I tried posting
> multiple comments (even spam-like), and I was never asked for one.

I can't explain that.  Maybe it likes you and not me... and if it's
not querying spam-like comments, it doesn't sound like it is testing
for spam at all!

I think Spam Karma 2 has been broken for many years (I've yet to see
it work, at least) and is not fit for use.  I suggest a combination of
BlogSpam.net and wp-spamfree (in a non-javascript configuration) as
better alternatives.

Hope that helps,
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