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Hannes Hauswedell h2 at fsfe.org
Wed May 23 11:29:16 UTC 2012

On 23.05.2012 01:20, MJ Ray wrote:
> Hannes Hauswedell <h2 at fsfe.org>
>> Sorry about that, the list is pdfreaders at lists.fsfe.… but you can just
>> send to feedback(@)pdfreaders.org that redirects to our list and allows
>> posting from non-members!
> OK, right, so as we can't actually join the discussion on the closed
> pdfreaders list and the blog evilly locks out visually-impaired users,
> can we just continue discussion on discussion@ please?

No. This leads to many duplicate discussions, resulting in a lot of
frustration and wasted time on all sides[1] -- as this situation already
shows. If you want to discuss the future of pdfreaders in depth, you are
very welcome to join the pdfreaders list, please contact mk at fsfe!
If you do not want to do this, you can still write suggestions to
feedback at pdfreaders or edit the wiki directly, (e.g. adding Vindaloo to
GNU/Linux section). I will look into the blog's captcha, although I
tried posting multiple comments (even spam-like), and I was never asked
for one.

Best Regards,            │ Free Software Foundation Europe    █▉   │
Hannes Hauswedell        │           German Team            █▉█▉█▉ │
                         │ Coordinator for pdfreaders.org     ▉▉   │

[1] and third parties annoyed by double posting to multiple lists.

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