PDFReaders 2.0 - Your help is needed!

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue May 22 17:20:27 UTC 2012

Hannes Hauswedell <h2 at fsfe.org>
> Sorry about that, the list is pdfreaders at lists.fsfe.… but you can just
> send to feedback(@)pdfreaders.org that redirects to our list and allows
> posting from non-members!

OK, right, so as we can't actually join the discussion on the closed
pdfreaders list and the blog evilly locks out visually-impaired users,
can we just continue discussion on discussion@ please?

It works and I'd really welcome this being discussed openly.
pdfreaders.org is a great site and really useful in helping people
realise that the Microsoft/Adobe/... system is not the only one.

I would like to support Erik Albers's point that only offering a
single recommendation on the homepage defeats the recent work asking
people to stop the Adobe adverts;

- and also note that the viewing platform may not be the one we want a
recommendation for.

On the substance of https://wiki.fsfe.org/PDFreaders/todo2012/Overview-Page

Vindaloo still works fine on GNU/Linux - the frontend may not have
been updated since 2005, but the underlying Poppler library has, so
the app's kept improving in use.  It isn't currently listed for "Free
Operating Systems" (why not?).  I can't comment on OSX - I'd expect it
to work there, but I don't know of current OSX binaries for it.

Is there a download site with an AlternateReader binary with a current
certificate? 1.08(4) failed to install for me, giving an "Expired
Certificate" error.

The site probably shouldn't recommend Evince or Okular to someone not
using Gnome or KDE already, as it'll seem like a really big install.

Thanks for your work on this,
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