A new company that preinstalls Trisquel!!

Antonio Esposito kobe at member.fsf.org
Wed Mar 14 14:48:34 UTC 2012

On 3/13/12, Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org> wrote:
> Hi Antonio,
> * Antonio Esposito <kobe at member.fsf.org> [2012-03-09 22:49:21 +0100]:
>> I noticed Garlach44 starts to preinstall Trisquel GNU/Linux in many of
>> their computers. I think it's a wonderful news for Free Software
>> community and movement. :)
>> http://www.garlach44.eu/en/
>> http://www.garlach44.eu/en/trisquel
> Good news indeed. Thanks for letting me know. You might want to inform
> discussion at fsfeurope.org about that. Beside that we have
> https://wiki.fsfe.org/Hardware_vendors, where you might want to add it.

I already know the FSFE database and Garlach44 is inside.

The novelty is they are the first company (I know) in Europe that sell
some computers with Trisquel preinstalled (a completely free
distribution based on Ubuntu), so they're completely compatible with
Free Software.

Most of the companies that sell computers with GNU/Linux and-or
without windows preinstalled do NOT pose the problem that many of
these computers require proprietary firmware (alias "binary bloobs")
to run some important components, including wireless cards.

IMHO it's not wrong to propose and have a database lists who do not
sell computers with Trisquel (or other free distribution)
preinstalled, but it should keep in mind in order to create a
constructive awareness that will lead other companies to make this
choice, and then further improve the Free Software world.

In conclusion, a good idea might be to give priority to companies who
preinstall Trisquel (as ThinkPenguin and Garlach44) and list the
others in a second table explaining why they're in a different table.

My 2cent,

Antonio Esposito

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