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Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Tue Jun 26 09:11:24 UTC 2012

* Sam Tuke <mail at samtuke.com> [2012-06-13 14:07:03 +0100]:

> From: Wade Mollison <info at demandprogress.org>
> To: Sam Tuke <mail at samtuke.com>
>    Do you really own the smartphone you're using to read this email?

Btw. I used this as an introduction to my talk in Konstanz about general
purpose computing. It worked out quite nice to ask them: "Who is the
_owner_ of a mobile phone with internet access?", let them show all
their devices and then asking them if they are sure they are the owners.
Then some follow up questions what they can do with the software, if
they control their data on the device, etc.


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