Slashdot reports: First-sale doctrine upheld for software by the EU Court of Justice

Sam Tuke samtuke at
Fri Jul 27 14:43:13 UTC 2012

On Wed, 2012-07-04 at 16:46 +0300, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Subsequently all new computers with OEM Windows started to be shipped
> without installation media, so in practice it is hard to sell the OEM
> Windows, as there is no tanglible CD to put on a table at a flee
> market etc. 

Presumably you can just (legally) re-sell the serial number? A friend of
mine just bought a copy of Win XP online as the computer repair shop
refused to fix his machine without one. The disk came sealed with a fake
hologram, the disk was blank, but the serial appeared valid. The repair
shop still wouldn't accept it, so he had to buy another one.

Pretty crazy. The law around resale is valuable information for the


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