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From August 21. to 26. there is Campus Party in Berlin. I was asked
before if I can make suggestions for good speakers from the Free
Software community. That is what I did. So beside the already announced
keynote speakers like Jon “maddog” Hall, Mark Surman (Mozilla
Foundation), and Rainey Reitman (EFF) to following talks will take place
in the Free Software track:

- Amir Taaki - Bitcoin: money backed by code and maths, not laws and
- Daniel Kinzler - Wikidata: implementation and integration of
  Wikipedia´s next big thing
- Hugo Roy – Why Free Software needs Network Neutrality?
- Lydia Pintscher - Free Software: Your chance to change the world and
  how to get there
- Matthias Kirschner – An endangered species: computer as a universal
- Matthias Kirschner – The FSFs – Fighting for your freedom, since 1985
- Peter Bubestinger - Record. Mix. Master: professional audio production
  with Free Software
- Torsten Grote – Free your Android: Reclaim your phone

I also suggested the following speakers, which are now confirmed for
other tracks:

- Alessandro Rubini – THOS: Two Hour Operating System
- Frank Karlitschek - Free Software and Cloud Data Storage
- Hugo Roy – Terms of Services: Didn´t Read!

Tickets cost €128 and gives you access to all activities during the
entiresix days of Campus Party Europe in Berlin. The CP Village is
outfitted withtents, bathrooms, showers and 24/7 access to food vendors.
Camping in theVillage is €64, tents included.

Until the July 30 you can buy your ticket using this registration form,
and 30 people out of the registrations using this link
will win a gratis ticket to the event.

This will be an interesting week and I am looking forward to see you at
thein Berlin.

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