Re: Slashdot reports: First-sale doctrine upheld for software by the EU Court of Justice

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Wed Jul 4 07:51:31 UTC 2012

It is not directly relevant to us, as it relates to sale of software in a proprietary setting.

Says that the exhaustion principle also applies when you download software and get the permission to use x copies in a separate transaction. This has always been my position, but many thought differently.

There is a bearing in the preinstalled software or oem licenses. You can sell the software separate from the device, provided that you stop using software on device. But it's very broadly connected and requires a lot of intermediate explanations.



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Also, does someone have time to examine the decision? We might want a
press release acclaiming the decision, as such a decision seems to
have strengthened the people's right to share software.

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P.S. I hope all the recipients feel concerned about the decision, and
are the right people to consider the implications.

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