Slashdot reports: First-sale doctrine upheld for software by the EU Court of Justice

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Wed Jul 4 13:46:09 UTC 2012


There was a court case in Finland years ago where the court confirmed,
that it is legal to resell the OEM Windows that came with your
computer and that MS cannot deny this right from consumers.

Subsequently all new computers with OEM Windows started to be shipped
without installation media, so in practice it is hard to sell the OEM
Windows, as there is no tanglible CD to put on a table at a flee
market etc.

Sorry, can't find any link to it now..

2012/7/4 Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild <repentinus at>:
> Greetings,
> Discuss.
> Also, does someone have time to examine the decision? We might want a
> press release acclaiming the decision, as such a decision seems to
> have strengthened the people's right to share software.
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> P.S. I hope all the recipients feel concerned about the decision, and
> are the right people to consider the implications.
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