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Matthias Kirschner <mk at>
> So, if you have any ideas, please contact them, explain them briefly
> what Open Standards are and ask them for a quote. Believe me, it can be
> fun finding a hook to explain Open Standards to different people.

I put

  As you know, knowledge can be vital for breaking out of poverty, but
  poverty can restrict access to knowledge when it needs expensive
  software on high-powered computers to read it, so will you be
  supporting Document Freedom Day on 28th March 2012, to help users of
  free software and low-powered computers get better access to

into which starts
"Ask Bill Gates and Hans Rosling a question

Add your details and question below.

We will ask Bill Gates and Hans Rosling the best questions live at the event"

OK, I'm being a bit silly, but the whole event seems a bit silly to me
(because Bill Gates does not have recent experience of poverty and his
hoarding method for avoiding poverty will not work for the masses
and... and...)  and you never know... ;-)

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