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Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Mon Jan 23 17:54:26 UTC 2012

Hi all,

you are part of a Free Software group? Please a) become supporting
organisation of Docuemnt Freedom Day b) make an activity for DFD and C)
if you participate provide us a nice picture and quote, like we already
got from Stephen Fry:

  "Open standards makes sense. What makes no sense is that large
  companies in the field still do not understand this. It is time once
  and for all to end the pointless nonsense of one document sent on one
  platform being incomprehensible to the user of another." Stephan Fry

Here more information on DFD (pass it along):

Document Freedom Day (DFD) <http://documentfreedom.org> is a global day
for document liberation. It is a worldwide event celebrating Open
Standards and raising general awareness about the need for their
adoption. DFD is actively redefining perceptions of Open Standards in
media, public administration and educational institutions. Thanks to
generous donations, in the last year we were able to:

- Organise 42 events in 14 different countries around the world, ranging
  from Brazil and Mexico, to Greece and Portugal, 
- Coordinate an important talk at the European Parliament with multiple
  speakers, and 
- Raise the profile of pioneering users of Open Standards, such as
  German news website 'tagesschau.de', by awarding certificates and
  prizes in view of the press.

The winner of the DFD 2011 Germany prize went to a popular news website
which provides its 1.4m daily visitors with current affairs videos in
the Free video format Ogg Theora. The award was presented in Berlin,
resulting in coverage in 8 national and international media outlets. The
city of Munich received the European prize, for the use of Open
Standards in its LiMux project.

In 2012 we will celebrate Document Freedom Day for the fourth time. We
shall again organise more than 42 events, include countries that were
previously not involved, and strenghten engagement with the public

To make these plans a reality, we need your support as a partner of
Document Freedom Day 2012! Talk with your friends/regional groups, and
think about activities and events that you could organise to promote
Open Standards. We would be happy to help you with ideas, prize-giving,
and finding sponsors.

With your help we will be able to organise more events in 2012, and
together we can raise awareness for Open Standards around the world. 

At the moment we are coordinating our activities with international
partners and sponsors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more
detailed information about partnership opportunities for Document
Freedom Day 2012.

Please let us know until 6. February if you want to organise your own
activity or event, and/or if you want to be listed on our supporter page
as a supporting organisation.


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