Why “fellowship”?

Martin Gollowitzer gollo at fsfe.org
Tue Jan 10 21:22:25 UTC 2012

* Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild <repentinus at fsfe.org> [120110 22:12, 
  mID <CA+KqsuHhzU9wnEB537J-MM4eR7FNKoMv2Fb46DJemMvztq2hKw at mail.gmail.com>]:

> Dear MJ,
> On 10 January 2012 21:05, MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> > And how does one compile that mislabelled source code to produce the
> > page?  In GPLese, am I asking for the Corresponding Source?
> This <https://fsfe.org/README.texi> tells you how to build them. The
> corresponding source is what you have been given. If you cannot build
> the binaries out of it, even GPL would make it your problem.

There are no binaries here [1] :-) Also, the webpages are more about
content. And yes, you can check out the webpage SVN at any time and
build the webpage yourself. Documentation is included AFAIR.


[1] Except maybe for a few PDFs, but IIRC source is also available for
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