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Kostas Boukouvalas boukouvalas at
Thu Jan 5 15:48:56 UTC 2012

On 05/01/2012 01:04 μμ, William from Texas wrote:
> Seeing as <> redirects to
> <>, I don't think the brand is being weakened. "FSFE"
> would seem to be the leading acronym, with "FSF Europe" maybe used at
> times to show stronger affiliation as "a European branch of the FSF".
> Not having reviewed any charters, though, I can't be sure how accurate
> the real situation is or should be.
> Compare:
>  - "FSFE initiated talks with Danish MEPs." -> An org called FSFE is
> talking with MEPs in Denmark.
>  - "FSF Europe initiated talks with Danish MEPs." -> The FSF is talking
> with Danish MEPs through it's EU office.

This would be very misleading, given that FSFE is not the European
branch of the FSF. Even FSF, at their page calls it "sister
organisation". (See above the www badges at the bottom of the page).

> A primary acronym should be official, but a balanced "E vs Europe" mix
> can be useful in raise public awareness depending on context.

In many ways we could raise public awareness. We could for example make
a hack and rename FSFE to EFSF so journalists, governments, the whole
world could take it for European Financial Stability Facility and so we
could be famous in dt.

But how effective this would be for GNU/Linux to raise its market share
on desktops more than 1,2%?

FSFE Fellow

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