Why “fellowship”?

Tanguy Ortolo tanguy+fsfe at ortolo.eu
Thu Jan 5 15:13:14 UTC 2012

"Heiki \"Repentinus\" Ojasild", 2012-01-05 15:48+0100:
> It is possible to join FSFE as a member too.

Is it? I thought that was impossible, but if it is, then it is rather
well hidden, or at least not really encouraged. Is there a specific
reason why people that would like to help FSFE financially should do as
as “fellows” rather as regular members as in any regular association?

How is FSFE different from APRIL, which has something like 6.000 members
and seems to work rather fine with it? I thought the European status was
a barrier, but since it is not, what is it?

> However, I am also of the opinion that our web pages should be
> CC-BY-SA. The logo should be an exception.

Oh, please, not another logo nightmare… This has been a pain with
Firefox, and even the Debian logo has freedom issues that are
problematic within Debian itself, let us not add another one!

Tanguy Ortolo

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