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Seeing as redirects to, I don't think the brand is
being weakened. "FSFE" would seem to be the leading acronym, with "FSF
Europe" maybe used at times to show stronger affiliation as "a European
branch of the FSF". Not having reviewed any charters, though, I can't be
sure how accurate the real situation is or should be.

 - "FSFE initiated talks with Danish MEPs." -> An org called FSFE is
talking with MEPs in Denmark.
 - "FSF Europe initiated talks with Danish MEPs." -> The FSF is talking
with Danish MEPs through it's EU office.

A primary acronym should be official, but a balanced "E vs Europe" mix can
be useful in raise public awareness depending on context.

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 12:03 PM, MJ Ray <mjr at> wrote:

> Matthias Kirschner <mk at>
> > For the background: was used at the beginning. Than we
> > registered We used that as a short sexy domain for the
> > Fellowship, when we started it in 2004. Than we changed our outside
> > communication from "FSF Europe" to FSFE. [...]
> I feel that was a backwards step because "FSF" and "FSF Europe"
> reinforced each others names and some technical audiences already knew
> FSF.  FSFE is just another non-intuitive ETLA which has to be expanded
> more often.
> But if you go ahead with as a primary, please keep the
> List-Id values the same on the mailing lists.  I think that might
> require fixing an old bug in Mailman, to make List-Id configurable and
> independent of the email domain, but it would be good to fix that at
> last.
> Hope that informs,
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