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Hi Tanguy,

* Tanguy Ortolo <tanguy+fsfe at> [2012-01-05 09:33:08 +0000]:

> I have seen two domain names in use by the FSFE: <> and
> <>. I guess that would be a kind of historic legacy, but I
> think it weakens the image of FSFE somehow, because even though these
> domain names may be used in some interchangeable way, people cannot help
> from hesitating, not knowing if this is FSFE <> or
> FSF Europe <>. This goes for the Web site, but
> also for any other service: mailing-lists, Jabber or whatever.

I agree that this is confusing. I suggested in the past to get switch
with all e-mail, mailinglists, jabber to, and not use any more. If and how to do this exactely should be
implemented is currently discussed by our European core team
(team at As everybody you are welcome to send your position
on this to them, or even better, send a summary of the outcome from
this dicsussion to the list.

> Has one of these domain names been chosen eventually? And do you think
> not that it would be advisable to actively retire the other one?

For the background: was used at the beginning. Than we
registered We used that as a short sexy domain for the
Fellowship, when we started it in 2004. Than we changed our outside
communication from "FSF Europe" to FSFE. Than people got confused,
because they expect that is the website of FSFE, not just of
the Fellowship. So we changed that and made the main website.
But e-mail, jabber, mailing lists were not changed.

I hope you understand it a bit better now.


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