Goal for February 14th: More love reports than bug reports! #ilovefs

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Thu Feb 9 10:05:32 UTC 2012

  (If you are reading FSFE's newsletters [1] (and you should when you
  have not yet given me feedback what I could improve ;) ), and you
  already use one of our banners [2], you can skip this post because I
  copied and pasted it. Else please continue.)

Let us admit it, the Free Software community is often very critical.
Wewrite bug reports, tell others how they can improve the software, ask
them fornew features, and to not spare with criticism. Sometimes we
forget to say "thank you, for all your work". As in the last years, we
want to change this, at least for one day. So on Tuesday the 14th of
February we will celebrate the "I love Free Software" - Day [3].

Get active, buy your favourite developer a drink or give them a hug (ask
forpermission first), write an e-mail/letter [4] expressing your
feelings, create nice pictures, donate to a Free Software initiative,
use another of our suggestions [5] or be create yourself to show how you
appreciate people, working hard to enlarge or defend our freedom.
Beside that help us to promote the activity with our banners [6], by
e-mail, (micro)blog or in your (distributed?) social networks.

New this year is a whole day  event in the Unperfekthaus in Essen
(Germany) [7] and that all our Fellows automatically get an
login at ilovefs.org e-mail alias.

So let's make sure that on February 14th there are more love reports,
than bug reports!

All the best,

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  4. http://blogs.fsfe.org/thomaslocke/2012/01/18/why-i-love-free-and-open-source-software/
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