A pan-European DFD activity proposal

judith at movingyouth.eu judith at movingyouth.eu
Wed Feb 8 13:18:55 UTC 2012


I think that as we want to popularize Free Software and Open
> Standards, the prizes could be somehow related to the FSFE. The
> should be decided based on whether we want to primarily appeal to
> students who already have an inclination for Free Software or
> who do not. If we want to encourage people who have an affinity for
> Free Software to get active, then we could offer something from the
> FSFE shop, a FSFE Fellowship, or a Free Software book, etc... If we
> want to appeal to more students, we would probably have to offer
> monetary rewards or hardware. I am not sure which group we should
> target, thus prize ideas and suggestions would be welcome from other
> interlocutors.

What about about giving to the winner a laptop or desktop with
current freedom tools that one use in his day-today life - a freedom
box, Free Software social networks, browser and OS?

Judith Lukoki
+33 (0)6 15 94 50 23

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