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Federico Bruni bruni at fsfe.org
Thu Dec 13 07:09:51 UTC 2012

Il 11/12/2012 12:28, Thomas Jensch ha scritto:
>> What can we do to guarantee the presence of Free Software projects and
>> >  companies in this project?  Is there any European directive which
>> >  recommends the use of Free Software in such situations?
> I have to check that, but as far as I recall there is no real
> recommendation.


> One way to get involved is to get in touch with the Ministries in ones
> country and get some more information about that network. Usually the
> people involved in that FCL get their orders from the national level and
> are not just happy Europeans;)
> Questions which might be worth to ask are whether teachers unions, civil
> society etci. are involved in the process, what's the role of the
> companies involved and the like. (Although some of that is already
> written on the website in a fancy code-of-conduct style...)
> Another option is to get in contact with Free-Software companies who
> work in the education field and point them towards the FCL. They might
> be interested in a continuing non-barrier access to the market.

Thanks for the hints, I'll suggest them to my friend.

>> >  I think that FSFE may take a stand and do some "lobbying" about this
>> >  project.  What do you think?
> Of course! Do you like to get involved, too? If so, you could help a lot
> by summarizing the programme and the website:)  You could answer
> questions like
>          the goal of the programme
>          the process
>          the milestones
>          the funding
>          the setting (i.e. how the programme is integrated in the .eu
>                  landscape)
>          the mindset of the stakeholders (i.e. what's their motivation)
>          the involved parties / participants
> That would help others, including me, to contact the right people with
> relevant questions.

Probably I don't have time for that.
I'll see what I can do during Christmas holidays...


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