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Thu Apr 26 13:21:47 UTC 2012

Craig Errington <ce at>
> The vote is tomorrow.
> Glynn has listed a series of MEPs on the committee along with email
> addresses and is recommending people pass on their views - he's also
> shown a copy of what he has sent.
> If anyone has the time and inclination, the article and further
> details here:

I'd suggest focusing on any of the MEPs which represent you and
introduce yourself as a constituent.  Check for the UK on
but if you're in North West England, oh dear. ;-)

If you have a Lib Dem MEP, suggest they ask Alex Macfie or Daniel Lewis
of the Association of Lib-Dem Co-operators ( for advice.
I've not checked but I'd hope they'll take a dim view of ACTA as both
are experienced online activists.

Anyway: sent mine.  How about you?

Hope that helps,
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