Cooperation between Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software and Free Technology Academy

Kostas Boukouvalas boukouvalas at
Fri May 20 07:19:29 UTC 2011

**May 19th: Amsterdam, Netherlands/Thessaloniki, Greece**
The Free Technology Academy **(FTA - and the 
Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software, announced today 
their partnership, joining the FTA's International Associate Partner 
Network. The Network aims to expand the availability of professional 
educational courses and materials, covering the concepts and 
applications of Free Software and the Open Standards.
The FTA consists of an advanced virtual campus, with various course 
modules, which can be followed entirely on-line. The learning materials 
are all published under a free license and can be accessed by anyone, 
but learners enrolled in the FTA will be guided by professional Teaching 
Staff from one of the participating Universities. The FTA aims to enable 
IT professionals, students, teachers and decision makers to undertake 
accredited professional   education modules in Free Software studies.
One of the FTA objectives is to establish a strong relationship with the 
free software community and to turn the FTA course materials into an 
essential reference. The FTA seeks to educate and promote the adoption 
of Free Technologies, without losing sight of the Free Software 
community's core purpose of freedom and social transformation.

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