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Tue Mar 15 08:48:13 UTC 2011

Alex Hudson <home at> writes:

> I think there's a difference between software developed commercially
> and commercial software - just because people are paid to write it
> isn't the crucial difference for me. Indeed, even if people got
> compensation of some sort, I wouldn't necessarily call it commercial:
> soliciting donations, for example, doesn't make software commercial
> for me, even if it pulls in a considerate amount each month.
> I would struggle to label most free software as commercial on that
> basis. RHEL would be an example I suppose, but I wouldn't call Ubuntu
> commercial.

So much for examples of things you exclude from “commercial software”.
(Many of which I disagree with.)

What, then, is your definition of that term so we know what you *would*
apply it to?

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