Commercial Software (was: Re: Nokia spreading FUD?)

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Tue Mar 15 07:44:31 UTC 2011

Hello Jelle,

* Jelle Hermsen <jelle at> [2011-03-14 20:17:36 +0100]:

> I intentionally use the quotes, because I strongly agree with the FSF 
> that "commercial" is a word to avoid 
> ( ).
> FLOSS can be commercial, but I don't agree with David Wheeler that 
> it's (almost) always the case. It's too much a spin on words and 
> definitions if you ask me. 

Would anyone here disagree that software is commercial as soon as people
are paid to develop it? 

Does anybody here see a difference between the amount of 
- commercial non-free software and commercial Free Software or 
- non-commercial non-free software and non-commercial Free Software?

The only advantage in this case: you know that people have no clue about
Free Software when they use commercial software as an antonym to Free


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