Your views on the fellowship interviews

Federico Bruni bruni at
Thu Mar 10 23:01:57 UTC 2011

Il giorno gio, 03/03/2011 alle 18.15 +0000, Sam Tuke ha scritto:

> Please reply before Wednesday 09.03.11.

sorry, I'm late... but I want to give my feedback :-)

> 1. Do you read the interviews regularly?

Yes, until you announced it in this mailing list.
October 2010 was the last time: 

Please announce every new interview in this mailing list!

> 2. Do you find them interesting or informative?

Yes, definitely.

> 4. Do you think they appeal to people outside of the FS community? Should 
> they?

No and I think they don't have to.
Well, if it happens, the better.

> 7. How could the interviews be brought to new audiences / be more effectively 
> promoted?

You could create also some video interviews, for example during Free
Software conferences. 3 videos per year would be fine. It's not an hard
job and you may reach a wider audience.

> 8. Do you have any strong recommendations for future candidates?

Not now.
If I have it, I'll let you know.

> 9. Any other comments?

Thanks for your work!

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