German Foreign Office drops GNU/Linux without any reason | MS paid Nokia 1 billion dollars --- how much did MS the German Foreign Office?

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Thu Mar 10 13:05:18 UTC 2011

Hi there again ;),

AFAICS the German Foreign Office GNU/Linux disaster hasn't been a 
subject on this mailing list so far. As I do think this issue might be 
of interest to the non German speaking FSFE/free software community as 
well, I would like to share two links with you about the incident:

> The German Foreign Office will migrate its desktop computers from
> Linux back to Windows. However, no truly compelling reasons for the
> decision appear to exist.
> Various German Foreign Office documents leaked, for instance, to
> and then in part published, demonstrate that the
> German Foreign Office has no compelling reasons for its recent
> decision to migrate its desktop and notebook computers from Linux back
> to Windows. On two previous occasions, the German Foreign Office had
> asked management consulting firm McKinsey for an appraisal of its IT
> strategy, and both times the market researchers' studies concluded
> that Linux and open source software constitute a perfectly viable
> solution on desktop computers.

Link source: <>

FSFE press release: <>
An older article: <>

Now coming back to my favorite subject of the last weeks ;) --- 
Elopocalypse and the conspiracy theories around it:

Facing the fact that Microsoft paid one billion dollar to Nokia
for choosing Windows Phone 7, I think it is legitimate to at least ask 
whether Microsoft has also paid the German Foreign Office (or the 
somebody from the German liberal party, which runs the German Foreign 
Office...) for switching back to Windows XP (!).

What do you think?

Kind regards
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