Your views on the fellowship interviews

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Wed Mar 9 10:01:57 UTC 2011

On 03/03/2011 19:15, Sam Tuke wrote:
> 1. Do you read the interviews regularly?

Try to, am kinda late these days.

> 2. Do you find them interesting or informative?


> 3. Do you find them entertaining?

Inspiring would rather be the adjective I'd use.

> 4. Do you think they appeal to people outside of the FS community? Should 
> they?

They must not, they could, and as others said, it should not prevent you
from sleeping if they don't.

> 5. Do you believe that they focus strongly enough on FS?


> 6. Do you believe that they focus too much on FS?

I just can't get enough.

> 7. How could the interviews be brought to new audiences / be more effectively 
> promoted?

Propose the interviewee to translate the interview in his/her language,
if that's not English, so that we can reach people in his/her country.
I'm always pleased to meet new countrymen activists!
It's something of a job, but maybe it could work out. In case it
actually gets translated, don't forget to translate (~0 work) the news item.

> 8. Do you have any strong recommendations for future candidates?

Not yet.

> 9. Any other comments?

You're doing a great and necessary job!


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