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* Sam Tuke <samtuke at> [2011-03-03 18:15:23 +0000]:

> 1. Do you read the interviews regularly?


> 2. Do you find them interesting or informative?


> 3. Do you find them entertaining?

Mostly no. But I do not read them because I want to entertain myself.

> 4. Do you think they appeal to people outside of the FS community? Should 
> they?

I think they are interesting for people in the Free Software movement,
and sometimes for people from other Free culture movements. In my
opinion the main focus on the Free Software movement is good.

> 5. Do you believe that they focus strongly enough on FS?


> 6. Do you believe that they focus too much on FS?


> 7. How could the interviews be brought to new audiences / be more
> effectively promoted?

When we adept the Fellowship pages to the new design we should
show pictures of interviewed Fellows with a short text linking to the
interviews. They could rotate.

Also a better navigation between interviews (e.g. instead of dates
candidate names) would help.


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