Can WebM already be called an open standard?

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Sat Jan 22 14:59:43 UTC 2011

Hi micu,

Le samedi 22 janvier 2011 à 02:05 +0100, micu a écrit :
> Hi everybody, 
> The FSF applauds Google for its decision to remove H.264 from its 
> browsers and its push for WebM; and the FSF supports WebM:
> vp8
> But when it comes to our definition of open standards ---
> what do you think, can WebM 
> already be called an open standard? 

Now, clearly not. It is true that WebM is managed by a single commercial
entity, Google. However, we can be confident. Google has already shown
some good signs in the direction of independence of the project.

Moreover, what's important is the HTML5 open standard after all :)

As for WebM itself, it's a free software technology, with an open (and
royalty-free licensed) specification and adoption is growing. So, it's
an emerging Open Standard :)

For PDF, yes, it is an open standard: see for instance

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