Can WebM already be called an open standard?

micu micuintus at
Sat Jan 22 01:05:14 UTC 2011

Hi everybody, 

The FSF applauds Google for its decision to remove H.264 from its 
browsers and its push for WebM; and the FSF supports WebM:

But when it comes to our definition of open standards --- what do you think, can WebM 
already be called an open standard? 

AFAIK, recently FFmpeg released a from-scratch WebM reimplementation, 
which lets criterion 5 (available in multiple complete implementations 
by competing vendors, or as a complete implementation equally available 
to all parties.) at least begin to hold.

But what would you say: Can criterion 4 (managed and further developed 
independently of any single vendor in aw process open to the equal 
participation of competitors and third parties) already be identified to 
be true?

Kind regards
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