Dilma announced new minister of culture --- and the end of the progressive Brazilian free software / internet politics?

micu micuintus at gmx.de
Tue Jan 4 13:07:42 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,

the internet policy of the Brazilian government is well-known to be very 
progressive since Lula became president in 2003 --- at least, when it 
comes to free software, free culture and overcoming the digital divide 
[1-8] (sorry: some links only in German :().

But a few days ago, Dilma, the new Brazilian president, announced a new 
minister of culture. This *could* mean a huge change in the Brazilian 
copyright policy, or---even worse---an end to the progressive internet 
and IT policy in Brazil in general:

       "Dilma announced new minister of culture – and the end of the 
        copyright reform?"

I guess, we all want to hope the "Open Letter by the Brazilian civil 
society to President-elect Roussef and Minister of Culture Ana Buarque 
de Hollanda" (http://www.vgrass.de/?p=638) will be heard.

Kind regards,


PS: Richard Stallman on the Sharing Licence in Brazil: 

[2] Dissertation von Salvador Millaleo H.: Die Politik der freien libre 
Open Source Software in Lateinamerika: Zum techno-politischen Regime der 
Software in Argentinien, Brasilien und Chile.

[3] http://news.northxsouth.com/2009/05/18/brazil-is-aggressively-

[4] http://www2.mandriva.com/de/news/press/?p=145&s=0

[5] http://waste.informatik.hu-


[7] http://dotsub.com/view/40fd8f9c-fcb0-462f-b44c-ca6c38acdd9c

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