[edu-eu] Re: RFC for FSFE Edu-Team mission statement

Sam Tuke samtuke at fsfe.org
Fri Feb 11 15:44:26 UTC 2011

On Friday 11 February 2011 15:20:34 Guido Arnold wrote:
> In etherpad, you noted:
>   "knowledgeability sounds weird" : I agree. A foreign concept like
>    this shouldn't be in the first sentence, IMO.
> Does your "foreign concept" refer to the word "knowledgeability" or
> do you suggest to change whole sentence or move it somewhere else?

Just the word knowledgeability, and by foreign I just meant that it may not be 
a word / idea that's familiar to some people.

> The only change I made after Sam's edit was to replace "discriminate"
> with "discrimination".

Well spotted :)


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