Valentine's day for Free Software

Maelle Costa maelle at
Fri Feb 11 10:03:23 UTC 2011

Hi all !

On Monday it's Valentine's day. What link to Free Software, will you ask ?
On this day, FSFE invites you to consider another question : Why not
make this February 14th a very special day and show that we appreciate
the work of Free Software developpers and support Free Software in general ?

*How to participate*

You have plenty of choice on how you proclaim your enthusiasm towards
Free Software :

- send a message to a FS developper, saying that instead of signalling a
bug, for once you just want to thank for their work, and indicate that
this mail is part of the I love FS campaign,

- microblog on and add the tag #ilovefs [1]

- invite a friend on a drink and tell him about Free Software

- Donate to a Free Software project [2] [3]

- include a Valentine's day design to your website [4]

- take a picture demonstrating your love to FS and send
it to FSFE [5]

- etc...

*Spread the word*

The Free Software world is eager for one day of love, so whatever you do
for this day, blog, microblog (#ilovefs) [1] about it, tell FSFE about
it [5], bring more and more people around you to participate and help us
make a huge declaration of love to Free Software !

Best regards,


 1. all dents will be agregated on
 5. fellowship at
Maëlle Costa
Free Software Foundation Europe - intern
im : maelle at

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