The Microsoft-Nokia deal is a serious setback for free software in general

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Sun Feb 13 08:59:48 UTC 2011

micu <micuintus at> writes:
> BTW: Did you know that the new trojan Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, is the 
> 7th biggest owner of MS stock? 3.18 Miollion $! Is he 
> working for Nokia or is he working for Microsoft?

A Finnish newspaper says that this is due to a law that forbids the use
of inside information when buying company shares:

    "Arvopaperimarkkinalaki eli pörssilaki kieltää yhtiön
     sisäpiiriläisiä käyttämästä hyväkseen julkistamatonta
     sisäpiirintietoa omissa kaupoissaan. Nokiassa on tulkittu, että
     Elopin suunnittelema Nokian strategiamuutos oli sisäpiirintietoa
     viime perjantaihin asti."


I think the law that they are referring to is

which has an English translation at

"CHAPTER 5 (13.5.2005/297)
Provisions on market abuse
Inside information
Section 1 (26.10.2007/923)
Inside information shall mean information of a precise nature relating
to a security subject to public
trading or to multilateral trading which has not been made public or
which otherwise has not been
available in the markets and which is likely to have a material effect
on the value of the said security.
The provisions of subsection 1 shall also apply to a security:
    1) which is subject to trading corresponding to public trading in
    another EEA Member State;
    2) the admission to public trading or to trading corresponding
    thereto in another EEA Member
        State of which has been applied for; or
    3) the value of which is determined on the basis of a security
    subject to public trading or to multi-
        lateral trading or on the basis of a security referred to in
        subsection 1 or 2.

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