The Microsoft-Nokia deal is a serious setback for free software in general

micu micuintus at
Sun Feb 13 00:24:55 UTC 2011

Hello together, 

I bet you already heard about the Microsoft-Nokia deal and about Nokia's 
new strategy of using Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as their major (and in 
fact only) smartphone OS instead of the free software OS MeeGo. You 
might say now "But we still have Android in the mobile sector" --- and 
you are partly right. I do not dislike Android. But Android cannot do 
what MeeGo could (have done): creating a free software ecosystem ranging 
from the desktop, to netbooks, tablets, embedded systems (e.g. in cars), 
and smartphones = pushing free software to the end user mainstream.

See: <>

BTW: Did you know that the new trojan Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, is the 
7th biggest owner of MS stock? 3.18 Miollion $! Is he 
working for Nokia or is he working for Microsoft?

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