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Fri Dec 23 13:57:39 UTC 2011

Dear discussion participants,

as our world depends more and more on software, we need a strong Free
Software movement to cope with the upcoming challenges to free society. 
You are a part of this movement, thank you all for taking part in Free
Software discussions during 2011. 

Beside helping us with finding good positions, please also consider to
support us financially. It is now possible to donate your contribution
*yearly* or *monthly* by *credit card*, *direct debit*, and other means.
Every small donation helps us finance Free Software advocacy for another

- You want to donate to us in the longer term? Become a Fellow of FSFE:
- You or your company want to make one time or recurring donations?
  Become a donor of FSFE:

With the support of our Fellows and company donations in 2011 we: 

- got 518 public institutions to remove advertisement for non-Free
  software from their websites; Members of European Parliament are now
  continuing our work in parliament [1],
- got answers from political parties about Free Software for elections
  in Vienna/Austria, Switzerland, and 5 federal state elections in
  Germany [2],
- defended Free Software from patent attacks (e.g.  [3] and [4]),
- Achieved widespread press coverage for distributed Free Software
  systems such as Yacy [5],
- defended the GNU GPL from legal challenges, working along side [6],
- coordinated 42 events in 14 different countries raising awareness of
  Open Standards for Document Freedom Day, and awarded media and
  government organisations for publishing using Ogg Theora and Open
  Document Format [7]
- and much, much more [8]

Please support us and fight for Free Software and free society in 2012!

Kind regards and enjoy the holiday season,


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