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Sat Aug 27 13:15:14 UTC 2011

Hi all,

in the last few years, many social networks appeared on the Internet. Some
of them define themselves as free (as in free speech), while others don't
care about their users fundamental rights.

I think it's time to sort them with a definition.

This is the reason why I tried to write down the concept of ethical social

I. The ethical social network

Ethical is not about price, neither about the only freedom of the source
code. It is about the recognition and  the respect of user freedoms:

- to recognize and respect the privacy of all communications exchanged by
- to recognize and guarantee the same rights to every user,
- to only distribute to users free software,
- to allow full interoperability towards other social networks.

II. How to respect those freedoms?

First: the communication protocol

The communication protocol must be open.

Second: the software

The software specific to the social network must be under a free software
licence, as its dependencies. The whole software distribution, including
the server part, must be available to users.

Three: the respect of the user data privacy

Each user should use his own servers.

The communication protocol of the social network and software must let the
user be able to decide freely, clearly and efficiently what to do with
each of his data and his account: the user may decide for each
communication who are the recipients, even possibly the general public.

Users must be warned constantly that once they publish their data, those
may be known to the general public, including current or future employers
and the government.

Concerning the data hosted on other servers than the user's own, the delay
to delete a post or to close an account must be quick once the user
requests it. The closure or the deletion must be definitive, no data must
be available to the social network once it is done.

Four: the social network services

Every service available to users through the social network should not
appropriate users data or track them.

What do you think about it? Any suggestions?

Judith Lukoki
+33 (0)6 15 94 50 23

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