lobbying Free Software in competitions run by public institutions

miluz miluz at free.fr
Mon Aug 22 19:34:41 UTC 2011

On 22/08/2011 15:23, Federico Bruni wrote:
> a) run by public institutions
> b) where free software is discriminated
Hi all,

Sorry if I disturb the discussion, and for my bad english, but for me, 
free softwares will always be discriminated in a competition between 
artists; even if a public institution rules it.

As an artist I hate the spirit of competition. It disturbs me. I can't 
understand. So, maybe there's a lot who feel the same. See this team I 
folllow since the begining as visualizer : 
http://www.ixi-audio.net/content/software.html. They are doing research. 
Do you think that they will answer to a public proposition to compare 
their art with other musicians? They don't care. I also know a lot of 
visualizers who need to create their software, and sometime their 
hardware.. as the art needs to be discovered by artists for themselves 
before... for the others, we only have to perform. In such a way, it is 
a pleasure to meet other artists (and also developpers). It's a good 
thing to create together.
So I would rather criticize public institutions to introduce competition 
between artists, than ask them to participate.
As Noam Chomsky said "capitalism doesn't exist without States", they 
can't do it for free softwares.

my 2รง,

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