Greek Affiliate Supports PDFreaders Campaign & Software Freedom Day

Kostas Boukouvalas boukouvalas at
Fri Sep 17 17:39:35 UTC 2010

PDFreaders Campaign

As you can see in Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free
Software (Greek L.U.G.) webpage ( - also from
June 1st due to a suggestion made to our team by
Richard M. Stallman to use also the name "GNU Greece") we have already
added the PDFreaders Campaign banner and soon enough we are going to
do our reports, in the context of our mutual cooperation with FSFE and
the long run of its campaigns.

Software Freedom Day

As in all of our events today, in the context of Software Freedom Day
we shared the word inside an Elementary School higher degrees about
Free Software and among other things we shared our leaf which for a
long time now has "embedded" the greek version of FSFE informational
leaf. This goes to the hands of teachers and parents. Also we gave
away some stickers of FSF sent to us by Richard M. Stallman. (see
attached photo). In the picture the leaf of FSFE doesn't show, but it
is inside the Greek L.U.G. leaf. We had many quantities of this
combination left after Richard M. Stallman speech, June 1st.
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