Norwegian Free Software Center Opposes Government Pro FOSS Policy

Carsten Agger agger at
Sat Sep 11 01:58:44 UTC 2010

Andreas Tolf Tolfsen translated:

> If
> one were to put constraints on the choice of software to individual
> this could also lead to the individual public entity could not choose
the best
> solution.  Increased use of free software is important for the
development of
> ICT in public sector, but it must be based on the premise that free 
software is
> the best solution in competition to closed software....

This is a very strange point of view for an entity which calls itself a
"Free Software Center". They don't seem to care about the philosophical
advantages to free software, nor to the fact that entities which build on
proprietary software compromise their infrastructure and places it in the
hands of private vendors, but seems to think it's all about technical

Maybe they should change their name to the "Norwegian Open Source Center".

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