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Thu Oct 7 06:45:21 UTC 2010

Hi Michel,

Le mercredi 06 octobre 2010 à 01:20 +0200, Michel Roche a écrit :
> Hi,
> just sending you an update about an article on 01net, a french blog
> about IT, talking about FSFE initiative :
> Almost perfect... except the confusion with fsf in the title. Anyway the
> link to is there.

Yes. Maelle already contacted them about it, they just ignored us…

> For french readers, some of the comments are quite instructive of the
> awareness about Free software among average people : some of them are
> still pointing out FUD about Free software, and resolve the FSFE
> proposition in a simple competition between two private instances : FSFE
> vs Adobe, totally missing the point of *free* in Free Software despite
> some polite attempts to explain it.

You actually read comments on 01net ?! They're always useless FUD and
trolls… the point made is clear: there is some kind of illegal
advertising of proprietary software. We think that's not fair--and
actually we don't target Adobe at all (we never mention them in our
petition I believe), but our governments!

If I were you, I would just not pay attention to comments there :)

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