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Maelle Costa maelle at fsfe.org
Thu Nov 4 14:11:53 UTC 2010

Hi !

As yesterday's PR announced, we are now really contacting the
institutions. In the next weeks, we are going to receive a huge anout of
work. Lots of us are already contributing a great deal to the campaign,
thanks a lot for that.

What can be done ? A lot ! You can blog about the campaign, add flattr
buttons toward it, make people aware through, donate to pdfreaders'
campaign fund, help us sending the letters ...

Help us stamp out the ads !

= End non-free advertisement: stamp out the ads! =

[permanent URL : http://www.fsfe.org/news/2010/news-20101102-01.html]

One month, one campaign, one goal: getting rid of non-free software
advertisements on public websites. In four weeks, FSFE received
reports concerning 2162 European institutions[1] who advertise
non-free PDF readers. Apart from the 305 activists who participated to
the search, 1500 individuals, 46 businesses and 38 organisations
signed our Petition For The Removal Of Proprietary Software
Advertising On Public Websites[2]. Now that the hunt is over, it's time
to chase up those websites which encourage visitors to jeopardise
their freedom. It's time to stamp out the ads!

Highly motivated volunteers searched the internet for public websites
that advertise non-free software and reported 2162 institutions[3].
Some of them, like Massimo Barbieri and Lucas Bickel individually
reported more than 350! Alessandro Albini, Rainer Schmitz, and Pavel
Kharitonov also made a remarkable contribution in reporting around 50
institutions each.

But the FSFE won't stop with a list of institutions. In the coming
weeks, FSFE will send letters to the institutions[4] to draw their
attention to their unfair advertising. In the name of the signatories
of the petition[5], FSFE will ask the institutions to either remove
any recommendation for non-free software from their website, or give a
choice of several programs.

Wherever you are, whatever time you have, you can contribute to the
removal of non-free software adverts on public websites. The amazing
work of the ads hunters and our translators[6] has laid a firm
foundation for the next phase. Now it is up to you to enable us to get
things done. You can make a difference! Help us to translate the
letter[7] into missing languages or donate to the PDF readers campaign
fund[8] to help cover the 1600 EUR for postage and the extra costs of
administration to deliver the messages throughout Europe. Help us
stamp out the ads!

== About the Free Software Foundation Europe ==

      The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit
      non-governmental organisation active in many European countries
      and involved in many global activities. Access to software
      determines participation in a digital society. To secure equal
      participation in the information age, as well as freedom of
      competition, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues
      and is dedicated to the furthering of Free Software, defined by
      the freedoms to use, study, modify and copy. Founded in 2001,
      creating awareness for these issues, securing Free Software
      politically and legally, and giving people Freedom by supporting
      development of Free Software are central issues of the FSFE.


1. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/buglist.en.html
2. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/petition.en.html
3. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/buglist.en.html
4. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/letter.en.html
5. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/petition.en.html
6. http://fsfe.org/contribute/translators/translators.en.html
7. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/letter.en.html
8. http://fsfe.org/donate/donate.en.html

Maƫlle Costa
Free Software Foundation Europe - intern
im : maelle at jabber.fsfe.org

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